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Welcome to Our Blog

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Solemn thoughts and a fajita bar

This afternoon I read an article about a 12 year old girl from FL who committed suicide over bullying. Being a parent of a twelve year old myself I was left shaken and deeply disturbed. As parents we do our best to protect our children but there are so many things that could still go wrong. I came home and hugged my kids tight and talked to them about bullying. Neither bullying nor being bullied are acceptable.
                        Such thoughts weighed heavily on my mind as I made dinner tonight. Usually music lifts my mood or the very act of chopping vegetables can be like meditation to me. But not tonight. There was nothing I could do to pull myself out of the funk. My cooking is as much a reflection of how I am feeling as it is of the spices I add to make the dish. Being in the mood that I am in tonight I knew it was best for me to play it safe with dinner. So I decided to make something light and quick and call it a night. Looking at what I had in the fridge, a self service fajita bar perfectly fit that bill.
I have no recipe per se tonight. To put the fajita bar together, I cooked onions and peppers in a skillet with some oil, cumin, chilli powder and turmeric (my trifecta of champion spices). Once the onions and peppers were caramelized, I set them aside. I then tossed a packet of precooked grilled chicken (store bought)  in some raspberry habanero sauce that I had in the fridge and cooked it in the same skillet as the peppers and once the chicken had cooked for 10 mins on a medium flame, I set it aside as well. The last thing I had to do was warm the tortillas. I warmed them in a pan one at a time with a few drops of olive oil for each tortilla. Once I laid out the store bought guacamole, bean salad and cheese along with the peppers, chicken and tortillas, dinner was ready.
It was a huge hit with the kids and with my husband. Even thought this was a halfhearted effort at making dinner, I am glad I made it. I would have ended up feeling worse had I not made dinner. I decided to write this post as further therapy for myself. I will curl up with a book now and let it soothe me to sleep. I am sure I will feel better by tomorrow. My heart goes out to the little girl's parents. They will have to wait a long time for that tomorrow that will make them feel slightly better.
           I will have a recipe and hopefully more of a cheerful story next time I share a blogpost with you guys. Until then, happy cooking!


  1. Radhika - I rather enjoyed this blog. I find myself in similar situations every week...with 2 teens boys, and the heavy lifting of life and it's time availability...no shame in putting together what you have on hand...it's not always about cooking from scratch - for me, it always comes down to making the family happy.....now that my boys are growing up - there is less time to spend with them in the evenings...one has started to work and one is at football till late night - so often I have to just throw together a chili boat, or some mac n cheese with hot dogs...the simpler things in life are often enjoyed just as much as the hard things.... :)

    1. Thank Ryan! Your dedication to your boys is touching.