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Welcome to Our Blog

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Steak & Potato Breakfast Bowl

What to do with left overs?

     My oldest son Tony, is now 18 and seems to be out and about more often these days. I suppose giving him my old car, having a job and going to college allows him some freedom once in a while. But what that does at dinner time, throws me off during the week. He wants to go hang out with his friends, and here I have a meal of four ready to be made - my OCD kills me...what am I going to do with that fourth portion (I have a family of four)?
     Well last weekend we were prepped for four New York steaks and four fat potatoes - and he wanted to go out with his best bud. I had no argument this time as I thought - hmmm, how about a steak bowl for breakfast with his chow. Done. And oh my goodness....

I cut up one potato into slices, then cut them up into little cubes.
Fried em up in some oil, added some Lawry's, garlic salt and some pepper.
Divided into four and put em aside.

I cut up the steak into little cubes, threw em around in a pan to heat them up, put aside.

I scrambled up eight eggs, and added a colby/jack mix of shredded cheese.

Layered as follows:

Bottom of bowl = fried potato cubes.
Mid bowl = scrambled eggs and cheese.
Top it off with the steak.
You could, of course, top that with some salsa, guacamole or sour cream ( I did not ).

My kids (as well as myself) - thought it was "Beast" (awesome!).

It's the simple things in life......

Excuse the pics, they are rather crap-a-doodle.


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  1. Delicious. You can't ever waste steak, that's a sin! That would also be a good breakfast for dinner meal.